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Apr 30, 2024

Lara Jones is an award-winning Grit Performance Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author and Creator of the Global G.R.I.T. System™ and She’s also the Founder and CEO of two global businesses.

Lara has worked with Fortune 100 companies, US military, celebrities, and executives to develop and enhance performance on multiple levels for leaders, teams, and entire organizations through her leadership and grit programs, workshops & consultancy.

Lara has been featured in numerous publications for her grit facing the loss of her youngest son and nearly her own life. 

As the renowned Global Grit Girl™, Lara has channeled her deep expertise and research into creating the Global G.R.I.T. System™ that is unveiled in her book, "Hunt or Be Hunted: How Anyone Can Develop Grit and lead Like a Legend", and we’re going to talk about the book during our conversation.